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Hair Maintenance

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  • Heavy products (mousse, gel, creams) are not recommended.  These products weigh down the hair.
  • Sleep with a silk wrap/bonnet or on a satin pillow to prevent frizz.
  • At night, part how down the center and make a large loose twist on each side.  This will help maintain the curl/wave pattern.
  • A light mist of water mixed with leave-in conditioner revitalizes curls.
  • All virgin hair may be bleached, dyed, curled with hot irons, rollers/rods or straightened. 

  • We recommend consulting  a professional stylist before any kind of color or dye process is performed.  We are not responsible for any issues incurred as a result of chemically treating hair.

  • Hair is re-usable.  In order to re-use hair, we do not recommend installations that involve glue.

  • Hair comes in natural color of the donor which can range from black to brown typically.  We do not dye the hair in order to adhere to true virgin hair standards.

  • Exotic wholesale hair has been steam processed to achieve a consistant pattern. For this reason, we do not classify it as virgin.

What is Virgin hair?

Virgin hair is hair that has not been chemically treated in ANY way (color, steamed, chemically enhanced curls).  Do not be fooled!  Many sellers advertise virgin hair that is not.  Natural Girl Hair Imports ensures that our hair comes unprocessed from donors.

What is Remy or Remi hair?

Remy hair indicates that hair cuticles have been aligned to prevent tangling and produce a consistent pattern.

How much hair do I need for a full weave?

8-10 ounces of hair is needed for a full installation based on the look you are trying to achieve (1 bundle = 3.5-4 ounces)

For lengths 12"-18", we recommend 2 bundles.
For lengths 20" or longer we recommend 3 bundles.